Industry 4.0 Is Picking Up Speed  

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After successfully recovering from the recession 10 years earlier, North American manufacturers continue to face existential challenges to the ways that they do business. 

Distribution channels and profit margins are collapsing in the face of ferocious online competition, skilled resources are retiring and becoming ever more difficult to replace, and ideas, products, and brands are being commoditized faster than ever

This eBook will look at the challenges faced by North American manufacturers, as well as the business opportunities that come from this time of change (aka Industry 4.0). In suggesting the different means of addressing them whether through personnel, processes, technology or business models we will draw from some of the leading research and literature on the subject, providing you with a concise, actionable understanding of how to move your organisation forward. 

This includes tools for evaluating your organisation’s situation and preparedness for digital transformation as well as proposing some next steps and technologies that will support them.

Table of content


The challenges of manufacturing in 2018

While North American manufacturing sector output has nearly bounced back from the depths of the 2008 crisis, employment in manufacturing is still below previous levels and manufacturing’s share of gross national product has continued to wane. 


A revolution in thinking and doing

 In response to the challenges faced by manufacturers, various levels of government as well as multiple industry associations, institutions of higher learning and business consultancies have undertaken measures to understand the challenges and opportunities ahead for manufacturing and to provide manufacturers with the outlines of a roadmap for retooling their ways of doing business, including their production activities and business models.


Addressing the challenge

New forces at the international, national and sectorial levels have emerged, threatening the once dominant positions and economic vitality of many manufacturers.


A holistic view

Responding to the challenge posed by Industry 4.0 starts with a holistic view of the manufacturing organisation, its market realities, and the resources at hand. In practice, this means taking into consideration the organisation’s people or personnel, its business processes, its technology (i.e., IT systems and connectivity), and its business model(s).


The importance of iteration

Once you have determined and validated the customer value that can be created and have developed a business model that can sustainably monetize it, then you organise your people, your processes, and your technology around—and in support of— that value creation and business model.



Becomes one of what are the technologies, or what is the technology stack, that can help a manufacturer achieve digital transformation. Specifically, which are the technologies that can be brought to bear in support of this journey—in support of the personnel, processes, and business models—through their integration with existing IT systems and data stores.


Next steps on the road to digital transformation

How prepared is your company for digital transformation? What is your level of Industry 4.0 readiness or maturity? We have identified a series of key criteria for determining where your organisation is relative to the challenges of the road ahead. 


Readiness for Industry 4.0

Becoming an Industry 4.0 organization is about much more than technology. You will also need to consider your products, business model, human ressources, and organisational culture, as well as the different metrics used to define individual and collective success. “Change management” will be key to mobilizing the different stakeholder groups within the organisation in support of this undertaking.

About Nubik

Nubik help manufacturers streamline business operations for profitability and growth with the help of leading cloud technologies. Working hand-in-hand, we review internal processes to identify the right technology roadmap from lead acquisition to contract renewal. Our key partners, Salesforce and FinancialForce, provide the technology Nubik provide the know-how. Specialists in project leadership and change management, we support you through the implementation of the chosen solutions, based on industry experience and technology best practices.